Castlevania - Lords of Shadow 2.

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Imagine that you can never die. Picture yourself being so ancient that your number one adversary is the Devil himself. While immortality certainly has its upsides, including unearthly powers and unmatched strength, every immortal comes to a point where eternal rest is the ultimate reward and Dracula is no exception. Resurrected once again, weakened by time and still captured by his immortal bonds, Dracula awakens to learn that Satan has returned to seek revenge for his centuries-old defeat. Being the Devil, simple vengeance isn't enough. He plans to bring about the apocalypse, and Dracula has no choice but to re-acquire his powers of old and make a pact with Death to defeat the Devil once and for all and finally gain his eternal rest. To make matters worse, the notorious Belmont clan has entered Dracula's castle, bearing the truth behind their mysterious ancestry and seeking Dracula's destruction. Don the immortal shroud and become Dracula as the battle of good vs. evil finally comes to a close.