Centipede Infestation (Wii*)

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Inspired by Atari's 1980 coin-op classic, Centipede: Infestation is an adventure of run-and-gun action and tower-defense tactics. The game moves through virtual 3D environments from an isometric perspective, with a dodge-and-fire play mechanic that draws on the arcade original. Pressing ever-forward through dangerous, post-apocalyptic environments aptly infested with deadly centipedes and other giant, mutant insectoids the main character can move and shoot in any direction, la Ikari Warriors or Heavy Barrel. The game takes place in more than 40 levels, through seven distinct environments. Players take the role of an orphaned teen named Max, who makes his way through the desolate wasteland, sci-fi guns blazing. Along the way he meets a teen girl named Maisy, whose collection of special seeds is the key to bringing plant life back to the planet.