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Agetec's Chess offers fans of the traditional king of strategy board games two gameplay modes, multiple setup options, and detailed tutorials. Play against nine progressively difficult computer opponents or another human, select from four background colors, and customize the settings. Activate voiceovers for piece moves, sound effects, background music (stereo or mono), hints, character effects, a reverse function (turns the board after each move), move displays, or piece names.

Computer opponents range from the Level 1 "I've only played a few times" novice to the Level 9 "Let's play!" serious challenger. The game keeps track of wins, losses, and draws for each computer player and gives the option to play as white or black. The tutorial mode "Rule Section," contains a narrated History of Chess, as well as segments on names and moves of pieces, capturing, checkmate, pawn promotions, castling, and draws. The marble chessboard and pieces are viewed from a 3/4 perspective, and the cursor can be changed to a dagger, a pointing hand, or an arrow.