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The critically acclaimed chess series comes to Xbox with online play and an assortment of customization options. Not only will participants be able to choose different 3D or 2D pieces and a variety of perspectives from which to view the game, but also play using a fantasy theme that will have orcs, knights, and monsters battling out each move in animated sequences akin to Interplay's Battle Chess. Five game modes include Quick Game, Rated Play, Handicap, Setup Position, and Puzzle. As with past versions, Chessmaster for Xbox is designed to teach users about the game and its myriad of strategies, instead of merely providing an outlet for play.

International Master Josh Waitzkin offers advice and tips on improving a player's game, while computer opponents actually change their play styles over time based on their overall success. Tournaments and happenings within the Chessmaster world are depicted as news clippings to keep players informed of upcoming events and current rankings. A comprehensive database of famous chess matches played throughout history is also available, and once players become adept at the game, they can compete on the Grandmaster level. Of course, competition against human players is also supported, on the same screen for single-system matches or online via the Xbox Live.