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Players take the first-person role of the renegade Richard B. Riddick and attempt escape from the sector's most impenetrable prison planet, in this action game that explores the brooding anti-hero's early adventures. Escape will require a spectrum of staple video gaming skills, including straightforward shooting, stealth moves, and even some 3D-platforming. The sci-fi story begins as the captured criminal Riddick arrives at the top-security prison facility known as Butcher's Bay, and it follows him through his violent endeavor to escape.

Although the action plays from a first-person perspective by default, the viewpoint switches to third-person in order to accommodate certain, more athletic tasks, such as shimmying across a ledge or making difficult a jump. When in stealth mode, the first-person view has a blue tint. With a variety of skills and abilities available to them at nearly any point, players must choose how they will conquer the game's different challenges. While stealth can be deadly efficient, players may also find that a full-on, run-and-gun approach will sometimes serve them best -- depending on the point in the story and the hero's current arsenal.

The game is centered on the character of Riddick, and features levels and missions that explore his criminal credentials and the origin of his "eye-shine" abilities. A full-fledged, stand-alone adventure in itself, Escape From Butcher's Bay also serves as a prequel to 2000's sci-fi thriller Pitch Black, which first featured Diesel as Riddick, and to the higher-profile 2004 follow-up film,The Chronicles of Riddick, released concurrently with the game. Vin Diesel's portrayal serves as the model for Riddick and Diesel provides all the character's voice acting.