Code Lyoko (Nintendo DS)

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X.A.N.A., a sentient, megalomaniacal virus, is infecting the central computer that runs Lyoko, and she has her heart set on dominating Earth. Aelita, a virtual being who lives within the electronic city, must stop X.A.N.A., and will do so by recruiting four students -- Jeremy, Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi -- to help her from the outside. Based on the computer-animated television series of the same name, Code Lyoko: Get Ready to Virtualize features questing, leveling characters through experience, and other RPG elements, along with mini-games and a few fast driving sections.

Players will guide Aelita and her group through 15 quests and 15 levels, to destroy 40 towers and stop the virus by overcoming various traps, obstacles, puzzles, and enemies. Each character has a unique profile, and all are able to learn new spells, skills, abilities, and magic Lyoko Lore powers as they level up and gain experience. For example, Jeremy can create new equipment for his teammates by re-coding Data Bits dropped by defeated enemies, or the group can spend resources on new armor, items, and weapons.