Colin McRae Rally 3.

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Codemasters' rally racing series continues with the release of Colin McRae Rally 3, which once again features the Ford Focus RS World Rally Car as lead vehicle. A new graphic engine offers such details as raindrops beading on the windshield and individual panels that dent, puncture, and fall off based on the frequency of contact with an object and the car's rate of speed. Players will make their way through the rugged outdoor terrain from a perspective behind the vehicle or from one positioned above the dashboard.

Championship mode is composed of three annual championships and 64 stages spanning six countries, with individual stages consisting of one day of testing and two days of racing. Service area breaks let players receive conditions for upcoming stages, modify their cars (in the areas of brakes, gearbox, tires, engine, chassis, suspension and steering), and monitor telemetry, damage, and servicing. Stages mode has players racing any unlocked cars or track segments earned from Championship, with two-player support available via split screen.

A special secret access code is available within each copy of Colin McRae Rally 3 that allows players to retrieve bonus content at the Codemasters web site. For a separate fee, players can unlock all difficulty levels, parts, tracks, and cars, make the vehicles the size of remote-controlled toys, or acquire a battle tank, hovercraft, jet fighter, or Baja buggy for use in the game.