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Colin McRae Rally 4 continues Codemasters' acclaimed off-road racing series with a number of new features designed to offer the most complete rally experience available on Xbox. Players select the racing team, car, and which championships to compete in as they prepare to travel across snow, sand, gravel, and mud in eight different countries, including the United States, Finland, Japan, United Kingdom, and Australia. A total of 48 main events and four shakedown stages are available to tear through using one of over 20 licensed vehicles from such manufacturers as Ford, Fiat, Mitsubishi, and Subaru.

Each car can be driven in the Open Championship mode during the course of a full season, or players can compete against specific models in the two- or four-wheel drive championships. Once again players are free to create their own courses by cutting and pasting various turns, straightaways, hills, and more from existing tracks before saving them to the hard drive. A number of special test challenges await players in each country as they attempt to unlock new parts in the areas of engine, suspension, and tires to get an edge on the competition. Colin McRae Rally 4 on Xbox features eight game modes, four-player simultaneous competition on a split-screen, Dolby Digital 5.1 support, and the ability to post high scores via Xbox Live.