Commandos Strike Force (PS2)

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Spanish developer Pyro Studios' World War II tactical strategy series undergoes a significant renovation in Commandos: Strike Force, as the overhead 2D perspective from previous entries is replaced with a first-person viewpoint in 3D environments. Players can freely switch between three individual characters as they engage in a unified series of 14 missions in Norway, France, and Russia. Characters include Colonel George Brown, a spy fluent in German and a master of disguise; Francis O'Brien, a Green Beret specializing in heavy weapons; and sniper William Hawkins, who can pick off targets from great distances and is an expert diver.

All three commandos will be involved in kidnapping attempts, assassinations, hostage rescues, creating diversions, sabotaging installations, and more. One of the game's distinguishing features is the freedom to complete objectives in any order and in multiple ways. Players can decide which characters to use in a given mission, what paths to take on the map, whether to use stealth or force, and so forth. Authentic weapons from the time period include a choice of pistols, rifles, machine guns and explosives, but players are also free to use more clandestine means of killing, from strangling to slitting throats. The PS2 version also supports online battles for up to eight players in multiple game modes and a choice of customization options.