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The third in the Conflict series of squad-based shooters, Conflict: Vietnam revolves around four American soldiers trapped behind enemy lines during the Tet Offensive. Including 14 missions in locations ranging from the Vietnamese jungle to small villages, players will encounter numerous enemies as they attempt to travel 100 miles to the safety of U.S. forces.

Interactive environments can be used to the player's advantage, by shooting out lights to avoid being seen, for example, or exploding a building believed to contain the enemy. Based on their performance as the game progresses, players are awarded points that can be used to develop characters in 12 different skill categories, such as sniper, medic, demolitions, and leadership.

Era-specific weapons and commands are available, including assault rifles, mortars, .50 caliber machine guns, and the ability to call in napalm air strikes. Blasting through an area may not always be the best approach, however. Each mission includes different objectives, some requiring the ability to move silently to avoid detection.

Along with the appropriate weapons and artillery are historically authentic vehicles, such as APCs, Jeeps, tanks, helicopters, and riverboats, offering behind-the-wheel action as players race through an environment the enemy considers its backyard.