Conflict Zone Modern War Strategy (Playstation 2)

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The world's superpowers unite as the "International Corp for Peace," against the mysterious "GHOST" forces of an evil dictator. Great battles take place, across realistic, 3D environments, and players can choose to command the forces of either warring empire as they enter the Conflict Zone. Though many conventional devices of real-time strategy are employed here, this game is distinguished from the pack by a few interesting innovations and key features.

Conflict Zone was developed by MASA, a Paris-based firm that specializes in artificial intelligence applications for businesses and the armed forces. Special care was taken in the design of the A.I. in Conflict Zone, which allows the player to issue specific commands, or to give more general orders and count on the units to figure out how to accomplish their tasks with little further supervision. The use of special leadership units expands this aspect of play.

Another innovative feature that Conflict Zone brings to the crowded arena of real-time strategy is the "Support Meter," which gauges the army's current state of favor among the people it protects. Players can influence support in their favor, by televising their army's great victories or atrocities performed by the enemy. If the nation's support for its armed forces drops too low however, the army must disband and forfeit the war. This may provide a more diplomatic (or at least a less bloodthirsty) path to victory, as clever players may be able to manipulate the media to turn the fickle will of the masses to great strategic advantage.