Cooking Mama - Cook Off (Wii)

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Step into the kitchen as you prove your exceptional culinary credentials in the Nintendo Wii game "Cooking Mama: Cook Off." Mama is back with 55 international recipes from such countries as England, China, Spain, Mexico, and Italy. Choose from over 250 different foods to create dishes that range in difficulty. Explore the controls of the Wii Remote in practice mode to learn how movement affects what happens on the screen. Use the Cooking Challenge mode to test friends or play as a single player against any of the 10 virtual competitors and compete for unique items. Real-time cooking simulates the creation of an actual meal, challenging you to make snap decisions based on the information provided. Winning unlocks additional items and recipes to expand your kitchen. Each meal you make receives a grade from Mama herself, and based on the quality of food, you earn bronze, silver, or gold medals.