Crash Tag Team Racing (Game Cube*)

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This third racing game to star the perma-grinned bandicoot puts a new spin on the genre standards of chaotic, combat karting. As in the GameCube's popular Mario Kart: Double Dash!, two players can team up in a single vehicle, so one can steer while the other handles weapons and defense. Unlike in Double Dash, however, the method by which two characters accomplish their team-up is part of the fast-paced gameplay. Any two racers can combine their karts and team up on-the-fly, just by crashing into one another and pressing a button.

An amusement park area serves as a hub to the different track events, but offers a number of its own activities as well. Between races, players can talk to park patrons, collect useful coins, and partake in a number of mini-games. When they're ready for a real race, the game features five main tracks -- Mystery Island, Happily Ever Faster, Tyrannosaurus Wrecks, Tomb Town, and Astro Land -- each set in a themed environment. Entrance to the racing areas must be earned, leading players through a progressively more challenging series of competitions.