Cruis'n World (Nintendo 64*)

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You may have embarked on a coast-to-coast trip across the States with Cruis'n USA, but are you ready to tour the world? Midway's follow-up to 1996's arcade racer emphasizes high-speed travel through exotic locales, including destinations in Hawaii, Australia, Kenya, Mexico, and China. Compete in a championship, learn each course in a practice session, or prepare to "Cruise the World." The latter mode has you selecting one of 12 initially available vehicles, ranging from a 4x4 to an ATV, and competing against nine rivals on series of 15 courses. "Championship" offers an abbreviated version of each course on a choice of three difficulty levels, where you'll be able to perform stunts for a chance to improve your vehicle's top speed or color scheme. Cruis'n World also features four-player racing via split-screen display and support for the Rumble Pak accessory. Finish the point-to-point courses within a target time to unlock up to 13 bonus vehicles.