CSI 3 Dimensions of Murder (Playstation 2)

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Players take the role of a rookie working the graveyard shift at the Las Vegas Crime Lab in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation -- 3 Dimensions of Murder. Based on the television series, 3 Dimensions of Murder includes five solvable cases and help from such CSI cast members as Grissom and Katherine if players hit a brick wall. To effectively categorize and analyze evidence, CSI now features the Mobile Crime Lab so gamers may get the incriminating objects off to the lab as quickly as possible.

Three difficulty levels allow stay-at-home sleuths of all skill levels to solve the case at hand by altering the amount of help made available to each player. There are five different options that alter the ease of being a detective. For example, players can turn off "hot spots" and tags to make locating evidence more difficult, or keep them on for easier identification. When items are collected, gamers may have to process objects multiple times to obtain all the information needed. Containers can be tested for chemicals and fingerprints just as paper can be checked for fiber content and written information.