CSI Dark Motives (Nintendo DS)

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There are more murderous mysteries to solve, once again requiring the high-tech know-how and commonsense conjecture of Las Vegas' Crime Scene Investigation team. Dark Motives casts players in the role of a CSI member, allowing them to interact with all the main characters from CBS' popular crime drama. Favorites such as Gil Grissom, Sara Sidle, and Warrick Brow all join players on the virtual cases, with voices supplied by the actors who portray them on television.

CSI: Dark Motives features five mysteries to be solved. In each case, players must consult with their teammates and conduct thorough investigations of each crime scene using the stylus and touch screen. Gamers collect evidence using tools found in the show, and complete a variety of lab-based mini-games to effectively obtain key clues and solve the crime. Additionally, the DS version of the game includes unlockable bonus content including pre-production sketches, behind the scenes footage, and trivia.