Dance Central (Xbox 360)

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Rock Band developer Harmonix gives the Kinect its first music rhythm game with Dance Central. Select one of 32 licensed songs and follow an onscreen male or female character while attempting to perform a series of linked moves. From the hip drop and shoulder pep to the thunderbolt and jazz square, more than 600 moves are included in over 90 routines designed by professional choreographers. Multiple difficulty settings are available for dancers of all abilities, and it's impossible to "fail" a routine even if you miss several steps.

In addition to the single-player game, where you can unlock various character outfits and venues, there's a "dance battle" option that lets you compete against friends to see who's got the moves. Among the featured songs are "Jungle Boogie," "Bust A Move," "Pon de Replay," "Push It," "Drop It Like It's Hot," "Poison," "Maneater," "Down," "Rump Shaker," "Poker Face," "Hella Good," "Brick House," and "Funky Town." Dance Central requires the Kinect to function, so it will not work on Xbox 360 systems without the peripheral.