Dance Dance Revolution Konamix (Playstation 1)

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Dance Dance Revolution Konamix is the second title in Konami's popular series of bemani games to arrive in the U.S. With the aid of a dance mat peripheral, players are required to step on the corresponding directional arrow when its onscreen counterpart reaches the top of the screen. The speed and frequency of the arrows increases with the difficulty level and varies from song to song. Additions to the series include an improved interface, new modes of play, and a host of new songs. New modes include Edit mode, Nonstop Order, and Double-Pad mode, along with Solo and Workout modes.

The Edit mode allows players to customize dance steps for every available song and facilitates the development of player-specific routines and the trading of dance patterns with friends. Solo mode ups the ante from four to six directional buttons (adding "up-left" and "up-right" to the four cardinal points), while the Workout mode keeps track of the number of calories burned while playing the game. The Nonstop Order mode allows players to dance to a play list of their own selected song choices, with little time in between songs to catch one's breath. Training and Lesson modes ease newcomers into the game with helpful hints and guidelines.

A full 52 song track listing (36 of which are new to the U.S. incarnations) is featured during gameplay. Songs include "Afronova Primeval" by 8bit and "Make a Jam!" by U1.