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Product Information
In the tradition of SSX comes Dark Summit, a snowboarding game that distinguishes itself by featuring an adventure-oriented storyline. At the heart of the game lies an apparent conspiracy between the government and owners of a ski resort on Mt. Garrick. The resort is actively running off snowboarders, so players are charged with investigating the strange happenings. As the beautiful redhead Naya, players must perform various tricks on their snowboard to complete mission objectives and to meet covert operatives at various spots on the mountain.

In order to access all the courses, players will have to purchase forged lift tickets with points earned from completing objectives or carrying out special tasks on behalf of the operatives. Separate points are also earned for equipment upgrades by performing aerial stunts, jibs, or special tricks. While Naya knows how to perform a few special tricks, additional maneuvers have to be learned by finding specially marked power-up icons along the slopes. There are also five parts of a bomb that need to be captured before they fall into enemy hands.

A level objective becomes available after riding through colored gates called Challenge Com Link Stations. Once players enter one, a mission objective will be displayed on the screen. In order to receive additional objectives, players must either complete the current challenge or abandon it altogether. They are then permitted to enter through another station to attempt a new objective, such as performing five 540s or initiating other specific stunts. In addition to the Story Mode, players can practice any of the available courses or challenge a friend on a split screen.

The multiplayer Head to Head Games mode lets two players participate in three events: Wrecking Ball, Race to the Bottom, and Half Pipe Battle. Wrecking Ball is a competition to see who can destroy the most objects during one run down the slope. Race to the Bottom is exactly as it sounds, a straightforward race the end of a course, while Half Pipe Battle involves out-tricking an opponent on a half-pipe course. All high scores and progress during the single-player mode can be saved before turning off the console.