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Originally released in the arcades in 1994,Sega's Daytona USA makes its debut on the Dreamcast with some enhancements. The initial success of that title has prompted Sega to release several updates, including an arcade sequel and a home conversion on it's much-maligned Saturn console. Now, the game has finally been updated, enhanced, and released onto Sega's newest much-maligned console, the Dreamcast, bringing the original Daytona into the new millennium.

Daytona USA for the Dreamcast is based on Sega's original 1994 arcade game as well as 1996 update for the 32-bit Saturn. While veteran players will notice that the physics model of the game has been altered, relying less on power-slides for a more realistic experience, Daytona USA features all three original tracks of the arcade, three tracks previously seen in the Saturn version, and three all-new tracks exclusive to the Dreamcast.

There are four cars to choose from in the beginning, each with its own distinct attributes. Players will also be able to alter aspects of each car, including the tires and the engine to give it a different grip and power. Of course, you can also choose between standard and automatic transmission.

Six additional cars can be unlocked as you progress through the game, bringing the total to ten vehicles. The races themselves are customizable, as well, especially outside of the Championship mode. Players can choose a different number of laps as well as the number of opponent cars they will face over the course of the race. Daytona USA also features the ability to go online over the Internet and race other Daytona fans.