Dead or Alive 3 (XBox)

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Since the initial arcade and PlayStation releases in 1996, Tecmo's Dead or Alive has developed into one of the three or four most important 3D fighting series in gaming. Exclusive to the Xbox at the time of its release, this third game in the series is designed to maintain and build upon that prominence. Familiar characters return and new fighters are introduced, all in unprecedented detail. The true-3D maneuvering and multi-level stages have been retained and enhanced to offer a familiar feel in fresh environments. Even the pretty female combatants (in a selection of skimpy battle outfits) return, punctuating the hardcore melee with brief moments of innocuous titillation.

In development for many months and released at the time of the console's launch, Dead or Alive 3 is also intended to show off the technical prowess of the Xbox. Many feel that the console's potential for pumping out eye-candy was first publicly realized in a DOA3 demonstration at the 2001 E3 convention, which featured battles taking place on a peaceful sylvan path with hundreds of individual autumn leaves fluttering in the background, and on a foamy beach where seagulls swoop lazily through the sky. While the control and movement schemes in Dead or Alive have been the foundation of gameplay, the series is also known for its engaging presentation and this third release is designed to adhere to that standard as well.