Dead Rising - Chop Till You Drop (Wii)*

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Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop is a fast-paced zombie hack-and-slash game, rebuilt for Nintendo Wii on the Resident Evil 4 game engine, in the campy-yet-creepy style of Capcom's Xbox 360 original. In the role of a regular guy named Frank West, players find themselves in a suburban shopping mall, hopelessly outnumbered by a growing throng of lurching zombies, but with the very best that American retail merchandising has to offer at their disposal for use in beating a bloody, rotting path through the thickening undead menace. A big, powerful shotgun is an awfully nice thing to have when facing an unending deluge of hungry ghouls, but in some situations, players will need to think creatively, and make use of whatever items they can find nearby in their defense. Baseball bats, golf clubs, umbrellas, shopping carts, even a park bench or a store manikin can serve as decent zombie-bashing weapon in a time of need (if not just for the sport of it). As in the Wii edition of Resident Evil 4, the game's controls are tailored to the Wii Remote, with the pointer serving as a light gun and motion-based controls activating the swing of a club or blade.