Dead Space 3 Limited Edition (Playstation 3)

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Unleash your combat tactics in the sci-fi game Dead Space 2 - Limited Edition (Sony PlayStation 3, 2011). Control engineer Isaac Clarke, who wakes from a coma and finds himself in an alien-infested space known as the Sprawl. You face the hideous Necromorphs, mutilated and reanimated corpses which can be defeated only by dismemberment - exactly which part of the body must be cut off depending on the type of Necromorph it is. The weapons at your disposal include javelins, plasma cutters, and powerful street mines; you can also purchase new weapons and buy and sell various other items at automated stores. Survive in zero-G zones with thrusters attached to the suit, which also enables you to explore the Sprawl. The game has five difficulty levels to keep you adequately challenged; you can also team up with friends and take on the Necromorphs in groups of four to amp the fun level to even greater heights.