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Dead to Rights: Retribution returns players to the role of Jack Slate for violent, high-velocity "gun-fu" combat against overwhelming odds. The first in the series to be designed for high-definition consoles, Retribution is a reimagining of the 2002 Xbox original, featuring the same basic characters and settings, but offering many new combat abilities and some new twists on the rebellious cop storyline. The ideological hero's unwillingness to compromise makes him a lone wolf in the corrupt Grant City. Central to the play of the game is Jack's ability to fight against multiple enemies at once, using both his superior hand-to-hand combat skills and his super-accurate shooting skills, in battles that play out as in a Hong Kong action movie. Following the lead of earlier games, Retribution is designed to allow players to approach each situation as they choose, switching between crushing combat blows, agile disarming abilities, and two-fisted shooting, as they progress through each chapter. As in the previous generation's original two Dead to Rights games, Jack is accompanied by Shadow, a trained police dog and truly trustworthy ally, who helps in combat as well as in puzzle-solving. In some scenarios, players take direct control of the dog, while Jack is busy or incapacitated.