Decathlete (Sega Saturn) !!!

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  • If you got blisters while pounding the keys of Konami's early Track and Field games, get ready to experience that thumb-burning action all over again. Sega's AM3 division proudly presents Decathlete, a sports title that simulates a dream decathlon! Modes of play include: practice, Arcade, and decathlon.

    Choose from one of eight multicultural characters, then try your hand at the ten events that make up the decathlon. Those events are: 100 meter dash, long jump, shot put, high jump, hurdles, pole vault, javelin, discus, 400 meter dash, and 1500 meter run. Decathlete requires the careful timing of button presses and split-second reflexes with the action key; a fraction of a second could mean the difference between success and failure! There are four difficulty settings and a hall of fame where all of your records are kept.

    Hop into your track suit, and get ready for the starting shot with Decathlete!