Deep Fighter (Sega Dreamcast)

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Living under the sea would be a tricky proposition even in the best of climates. In Deep Fighter however, things are at their extreme as the area where your undersea colony was built is threatened by increased tectonic and volcanic activity. To make matters worse, the colony is also threatened by a splinter faction from the colony that left years ago. No one remembers what caused the rift, or why the Shadowkin have mutated so drastically, but they are hostile, and that's pretty much all you need to know.

You'll be assigned various missions and tasks in the defense of your colony against your enemies and nature. There are 36 missions in all. Some are simple gathering operations, some involve deadly games of cat and mouse with your warped kin. In all this, you'll be using one of the colony's eight models of single-person attack subs. Each one has different capabilities. You'll start out with a jack-of-all-trades sub, but as the demands on your missions increase, you'll move up to the faster and better armed gunships of the colony. You may even get to handle subs that don't officially exist according to the ruling government.

Handling the fighter ought to be familiar to fans of Quake 3 or MDK2. You get a similar control scheme here which makes for one disturbingly maneuverable submarine death machine in the cases of the later vehicles. Players will also find that the sea is a remarkably active environment. Schools of fish will drift past your view screens, plants wave and dance in the sunlight filtering down from the surface. Even rocks get to rolling about due to underwater currents and tectonic activity. Ubisoft boasts that there are six environments to explore and fight in. They also say that the environments react and evolve around you as you play.

Deep Fighter is a two disc game so expect to see a lot of full motion video sequences as you put your machine through it's brine laden paces. There are over 100 such sequences according to Ubisoft.