Defendin' Penguin (Nintendo DS)

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Create an icy fortress to repel the comical advances of arctic wildlife in Defendin' de Penguin, a real-time strategy game aimed at children ages 12 and under. Help a penguin named Little Blue protect his town's fish supply from an assortment of hungry adversaries. Build up to eight tower types to ward off such creatures as seals, snapping turtles, wooly mammoths, and even snowmen. Igloo-shaped turrets equipped with snowball, icicle, and ice cube cannons are available to augment your fortress, each offering upgrades to improve attack range and strength. Little Blue is also free to waddle or wade across the battlefield, scooping up an assortment of helpful items strewn about the map. Stationing your flippered friend in a tower can also temporarily boost its offense. Successfully prevent waves of enemies from infiltrating your base to save your village.