Delta Force - Black Hawk Down (Playstation 2)

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Based on the intense, 2003 PC version of the first-person shooter, the PlayStation 2 edition of Delta Force: Black Hawk Down offers real-world warfare and extensive support for online multiplayer gaming. The game represents Novalogic's thoroughly researched interpretation of Operation Restore Hope, casting players as fictional characters in the center of the real-world event that took place in Somalia in 1993.

As in previous Delta Force games, players must use intelligent tactics as they lead their squads through battles in large, outdoor environments. Through the PS2 Network Adaptor accessory, as many as 32 players can fight together online -- the highest number of single-session online players supported by any PS2 game at the time of release. Voice-over-IP communication is available, and matchmaking services are powered by GameSpy. An offline, split-screen co-op mode is also offered, for up to four players.

Single-player characters become more proficient as they progress through the 16-mission campaign, gradually improving in accuracy, reloading, movement speed, and other skills. Voice recognition technology allows single players to speak orders to their AI teammates in real-time.

Publisher Novalogic has pledged a portion of the proceeds from the PlayStation 2 version of Delta Force: Black Hawk Down to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, a charitable organization that provides financial aid, educational counseling, and scholarship grants to the children of Special Operations personnel who were killed in the line of duty.