Destroy All Humans - Big Willy Unleashed (Wii)

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Big-brained alien Crypto the Furon makes his Wii debut in this continuation of the Destroy All Humans series. A new '70s-era storyline has Crypto defending a restaurant franchise named Big Willy's, where the "meat" consists of lightly salted Earthlings. A rival chain overseen by Colonel Kluckin threatens to hurt Big Willy's business, so Crypto must do whatever it takes to ensure human hot dogs remain on the menu. Players will guide Crypto through 23 missions across four themed environments, with most objectives focused on destroying as many humans as possible.

Crypto will fry enemies with his Zap-O-Matic and perform more humorous attacks by turning rivals into spontaneous dancers or flesh-eating zombies. Other tools of the alien trade include an ion detonator, anal probe, jet pack, and disintegrator ray, but Crypto can also use mind control to accomplish objectives. Crypto's cranium can move and throw objects as well as temporarily infiltrate a human's body to sneak past hostile areas. When the going gets tough, Crypto gets going in his flying saucer, where he'll be able to abduct humans or activate new weapons like the sonic boom or electro cone.

Big Willy's mascot, which bears more than a passing resemblance to Big Boy, is controllable as well. Big Willy can stomp across areas, throw vehicles, fire heat beams, and even use bodily functions to sicken nearby enemies. In addition to the solo campaign, Big Willy Unleashed offers both cooperative and competitive modes for two players.