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A former SWAT operative travels around the world to unravel a conspiracy in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Private security expert Adam Jensen, who has been secretly "augmented" with biotechnology, will complete missions using a choice of combat, hacking, stealth, or social means. Each approach is designed to influence the game's story in various ways. Human Revolution is the third entry in the futuristic Deus Ex series, which was notable for blending role-playing elements with first-person action.

Human Revolution continues many elements from its predecessors, such as the ability for players to acquire new, permanent augmentations and weapon upgrades to enhance their character's abilities. There are multiple ways to approach each scenario as well as multiple ways to develop your character. Jensen can use a variety of close-quarters takedown moves, more than 20 weapons, and other offensive techniques against targets that range from robots and thugs to augmented spec-ops soldiers and boss characters.