Dirt (Playstation 3)

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Codemasters re-christens its Colin McRae Rally series with "DiRT," an off-road circuit racer that incorporates a wide assortment of events and more than 40 licensed vehicles in 12 car classes. A custom graphics engine dubbed "Neon" was specifically created to take advantage of each format's advanced features, allowing for more realistic physics that account for such variables as wind, terrain, damage, and weather. Up to ten drivers will slide and skid their way through real-world courses in a mix of rally, hill climb, rally raid, rally cross, and crossover events. Fender-crumpling crashes and dramatic jumps can be revisited with the built-in replay system, which for the first time in the long-running franchise, gives players complete control over how they view the captured footage. Players can embark on a career, enter a single race, or compete against up to 11 real-world opponents via Sony's PlayStation Network.