Disgaea DS (Nintendo DS)

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NIS America's quirky, demon-themed RPG makes its first appearance on a non-Sony platform in Disgaea DS. Players take on the role of Laharl, Prince of the Netherworld, as he awakes from a two year slumber only to find a number of demons scrambling to take the throne of his recently deceased father. As in all games in the series, the battle in Disgaea DS unfolds in a strategic, turn-based manner, but the DS gives players the added bonuses of viewing the entire battle map in the top screen and controlling the action with either the buttons or the stylus.

The single-player campaign offers gamers an extremely deep experience, exemplified by the fact that within the game there are hundreds of different items, and within each item there are 100 randomly generated game levels. Disgaea DS also offers a multiplayer mode in which two gamers can go head-to-head, battling with any of the various characters they capture during the single-player mode.