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The most famously successful, enthusiastically coiffured promoter in all of pugilism lends his half-century of experience, wisdom, and name recognition to Prizefighter, a hardcore boxing game with a role-playing sideline designed to demonstrate the dedication and diligence demanded of heavyweight champ hopefuls, even outside of the squared circle and away from the gym. In the role of their own custom up-and-comer, players must make decisions to balance the boxer's conflicting needs.

It takes training to stay sharp, but time spent at promotion may lead to bigger matches, and all work with no play can be bad for a man's mental health. Story development occurs through documentary-style updates and cut-scenes. The game aims to present, in the words of its presenter himself, "a glimpse at what life is like in and out of the ring for these incredible athletes." Don King Presents: Prizefighter is by Take 2's Venom Games studio, which also developed the 2004 boxing game Rocky Legends and whose founders worked on 2002's Rocky.