Donald Duck Going Quackers (PS2)

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Daisy, ace reporter and girlfriend of that hot-tempered Donald Duck, has discovered the mysterious temple of the evil magician Merlock. But in the middle of her breaking story, she disappears. It can only mean one thing. Merlock has taken her captive, and stowed her away somewhere in the world. Donald Duck must find her, but he can only do so with the help of his friend, wacky inventor Gyro Gearloose. Gyro's new teleporter will be able to locate the wizard and Donald's girl, but only if he can find all the pieces of the weathervane to give it enough power. The hero of Disney's Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers is, of course, the hard-to-understand, occasionally-insane duck that everyone knows and loves. Join him as he takes on 20 levels of danger and obstacles, leaping over pits and keeping enemies at bay in an attempt to save Daisy from Merlock and bright goodness back to the world. Like the Crash Bandicoot series, the focus of this 3D platformer is action rather than running around giant worlds collecting things. The game features side-scrolling levels as well as levels where you're running forward toward the horizon. As Donald Duck, you will battle Merlock's hordes of evil, progressing closer to his fortress by collecting the parts to the weathervane in four different worlds. Along the way he'll meet old enemies like the Beagle Boys and Magica De Spell, and also find old friends like his nephews and Gladstone Gander, the luckiest duck in the world. But Donald will need to keep his temper down if he is to succeed. Getting hit once will send him into a dangerous rage, and if he gets hit again before calming himself down, he's likely to explode...literally.