Downhill Domination (PS2)

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From the summit of a craggy slope, plunge hundreds of feet downward in excess of 60 miles per hour, atop nothing more than a lightweight frame and a pair of knobby tires. Following the apocalyptic car combat of Twisted Metal Black and the B-movie brawling of War of the Monsters, Incog's third full release for the PS2 is the console's first downhill mountain bike racing game. This extreme sports title features big trick opportunities, professional riders, brand-name equipment, and an eclectic soundtrack of licensed music.

In what might be described as a combination of cycling and skiing, players race mountain bikes to the bottom of great cliffs, choosing the best line, avoiding obstacles, and gaining speed whenever possible. Downhill Domination features 27 free-roaming tracks in three different racing styles: Mountain Cross, Technical Downhill, and Freeride. As one of five real-life riders or nine fictional characters, players vie for personal bests, corporate sponsorships, and the ultimate "Downhill Domination Championship."