Dragonball Z Xenoverse (Xbox One)

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Gamers can create a custom character and travel through time to prevent two villains from changing history in Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Players can choose from more than 40 established characters, including mainstays like Goku, Frieza, and Vegeta, while the new character creation system lets gamers choose the build, clothing, gender, head, race, and voice of their custom avatar. As usual, battles are filled with long-range attacks, high-velocity charges, transformations, and last-second counters, and characters have different move sets depending on who their masters are.

The time-traveling aspect of Xenoverse lets players take part in alternate versions of key events from the Dragon Ball mythology, with new results inevitably resulting in newly challenging foes. Multiplayer fans can head into the futuristic hub of Tokitoki City to join more than 200 other gamers from around the world to take on quests together, or engage in battles involving up to six users.