Drawn to Life (Nintendo DS)

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Product Information
The Raposas were happy, quiet people until a rebel named Wilfre used his army of evil shadows to cast darkness on the land. These shadows tore pages from the Book of Life and hid them across the world, sending the Raposas into chaos, and forcing them to beg the Creator for a hero to save them. Set within a faux-3D overworld and numerous side-scrolling levels, Drawn to Life is a classic platformer with a unique twist; players get to design the hero. Using the stylus and the DS touch screen, gamers can draw and color a hero who they can then control in the actual game. The drawing tools also allow aspiring artists to design and color vehicles, weapons, and animals, all of which play important roles in helping the hero recover the stolen pages of the Book of Life and bring order back to the Raposas. Players can also share their drawings with friends using Nintendo's wireless network.