Dukes of Hazzard Return of the General Lee (PS2) !!!!

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Good ol' boys Bo and Luke Duke, along with cousin Daisy, Uncle Jesse, and master mechanic Cooter Davenport, set out to save the Hazzard County orphanage from one of Boss Hogg's low-down dirty schemes in this over-the-top, off-road racing game from the driving-sim specialists at Ratbag. The game's story moves forward through voice-over narration and 3D cut scenes. As in the show, however, the real action takes place behind the wheel of the iconic orange Dodge Charger known as the "General Lee."

It is only by completing a variety of driving challenges, such as races, deliveries, and stunts, that the two modern-day Robin Hoods can put a stop to Boss Hogg's latest greedy plan. Boss will be out to get them at every turn, however, aided by the quixotic county sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane and his kind-hearted, "dipstick" deputy Enos Strate. Though Sorrell Brooke and Denver Pyle passed away in the 1990s, the other stars of the series reprise their roles to provide the voice-acting for this game.