Dynasty Warriors 4 Empires (PS2)

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Product Information
The "Empires" edition of Omega Force's Dynasty Warriors 4 offers a number of new playable factions and character customization options, to allow gamers to challenge the Three Kingdoms for control of China on their own terms. Citing fan requests, the developer has tripled the number of character models and voices available, and no weapon restrictions are imposed on custom-created characters. New, smaller kingdoms are now available for play, or players can design their own kingdom and it lead to conquer and unify the divided country. New terrain options allow battle through the mountains, at the seaside, or across the desert. Stronghold structures can influence troop morale, and captured enemy generals may now be convinced to join the player's army. Fans of the series can also visit the game's "Archive" section, which contains character and weapon models, narrated segments, and a gallery of Dynasty Warriors artwork.