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Developer Omega Force's hack-and-slash battles take to the skies in Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce. New abilities allow player characters to fly through the air, entering into truly 3D combat, with attacks from above and below. While players still face throngs of enemies in a fast-paced combat flow, there are great advantages in good timing and positioning, promoting teamwork and effective tactics. Up to four gamers can join together over an internet connection for co-op play in a "Tactical Action" mode, to infiltrate enemy strongholds. The game features three main campaigns, one for each of the Three Kingdoms of legend in which the series is set. Including heroes from each of the kingdoms, more than 30 playable characters are available in all. Characters can be customized as they fight through their storylines, with orbs that can enhance a weapons power, and by collecting other items for special abilities. After filling a gauge by fighting enemies, Strikeforce player characters can undergo a Fury transformation to a supernaturally enlightened state, in which the game's most powerful abilities become available for a limited time.