Enchanted Arms (Playstation 3*)

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Immerse yourself in the story of Enchanted Arms as you explore 75 different environments, and complete multiple objectives and branching missions while listening to Japanese or English dialogue. Atsuma is an Enchanter-in-training with the power to control the angry golems with a mysterious power embedded in his arm. Enchanted Arms features a fighting sequence that is intended to rely on strategy as well as power. The combat plays out on a grid of 12 squares that you and the enemy may move around on.

There are no classes in Enchanted Arms, so how you select your skills determines how successful you are in battle. With the help of the Sixaxis controller, you can control your weapons by moving the paddle or by using the analog sticks. During the sequence and before your characters make a move; you will select each of your four group members and the attack they will use. When you are done, you can sit back and watch the action take place. Each character draws their power from elements such as fire, wind, water, and earth, and each attack a character performs will be either a skill, EX, or item attack.

There are over 500 characters to interact with in the game, and 130 different controllable creatures to find and acquire including 30 PS3 exclusive animals. The story includes over an hour of cinematic cut-scenes that can be skipped after the first viewing.