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On the back of a fire breathing-dragon is where Eragon stands against the invading army of Shade Durza. Alone or with a friend, players who take the role of Eragon step into a role-playing world of combos and magic-based combat, including finishing moves, grapples, and counter attacks, as they journey from the village of Carvahall to the home of Farthen Dûr in an adventure based on the 2006 film. Gamers begin as a semi-skilled hero who is upgraded as the story progresses.

Players may execute attacks with arrows, swords, and magic by selecting potions, spells, weapons, and moves from the touch screen. Using magic, Eragon can push or pull an enemy toward him or knock attackers off platforms. Eragon can also manipulate his environment by creating pathways to previously unreachable areas. During the adventure, players may call for help from Saphira, Eragon's dragon, to complete airborne objectives and deliver attacks from the sky during melee combat on the ground. In flight, players direct the movement of the dragon, delivering tail swipes and fireballs to opponents as Saphira.