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From the masterminds behind the Left 4 Dead series comes "Evolve," an Xbox One game that brings together four gamers in an attempt to take down new player-controlled monsters. A genuine next-generation video game, "Evolve" for Microsoft Xbox One is an adrenaline-pumping multiplayer shooter game that features 4v1 gameplay. Four hunter characters hunt one monster character in a savage environment of man vs. nature. This multiplayer shooter for Xbox One asks you to choose between being the hunter or the hunted.This multi-player game was developed by Turtle Rock Studio and its publisher was 2K. The ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) rating of "Evolve" for Xbox One is Mature 17+. Microsoft's release date for it was February 10, 2015.This futuristic Xbox video game takes place on the planet Shear, where powerful aliens have begun to demolish human colonies. Choose from four different character classes and start organizing to execute your attack against these vicious aliens before it is too late. There is the Assault class, the most straightforward point-and-shoot gunslingers of the bunch. There is the Trapper class, which represents the best of the hunters at tracking their prey. There is the Medic class, who tend to and heal the injuries that they and their teammates sustain. Lastly, there is the Support class, whose name may not do them justice. This class of hunter is the one any of the others want at their side. With the Support class assisting, all the other hunters become better at their jobs.Thanks to the 4v1 setup, you can also select to play as the hunted alien monster instead. In "Evolve," Turtle Rock Studio and 2K give you a monster that can be controlled by a player. "Evolve" is a unique video game that allows you to select between hunting the monster or being the monster itself. Whichever side, or class, that the player chooses, each round of "Evolve" is designed to be a balanced match and a fair fight. Turtle Rock Studio accomplishes this by offering the player an array of powerful abilities and weapons to utilize. This makes gameplay on this title like nothing you've played on an Xbox console before.Play in solo mode or in multiplayer action mode with this adrenaline-pumping supernatural shooter by 2K. Whichever mode you choose, enjoy 4v1 gaming from either side of the fight. Both modes let you play as a hunter on a team of computer-generated allies or as the player-controlled monster defending itself. Use Xbox Live to play as hunter or creature with an online multiplayer group any time of the day or night.2K had this game developed with avid Xbox gamers in mind. Therefore, it does not just feature your everyday villains. It lives up to the title by featuring evolving monsters that will actually grow stronger and more powerful during the course of battle. This title is designed to continue to offer unique gameplay options, even after you have beaten the original edition. Evolve your gaming even further by adding upgrades to this shooter. Available for online, you will find two new maps and hunting season passes that include two new hunters and three new monster skins.