Eye Toy Operation Spy (Playstation 2)

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Product Information
EyeToy: Operation Spy not only transforms the PlayStation 2's camera peripheral into a functional surveillance system, but it also offers eight mini-games in an espionage-driven adventure where players attempt to capture a series of international criminals. To access the game, players will be able to set a password and have the camera perform a facial scan to ensure the "right" agent is in command. The mini-games offer a range of movement-based activities, as players use their arms to spin dials, guide a parachute, arrange pieces of a mugshot, navigate a world map, and more. Most activities are time sensitive, so quick thinking is a must to complete the objective and advance to the next phase. Once players have tinkered around with the adventure mode, they can create custom games by using the camera's other functions. Players are free to experiment with motion detection, trying to infiltrate an area without setting off an alarm, or test out the night-vision capabilities to catch would-be intruders. Video messages can be recorded and then encrypted onto memory card, while still images captured in 640x480 resolution can be printed out using a USB printer.