Fairly Odd Parents Breakin' Da Rules (Xbox)

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Second in popularity to only SpongeBob SquarePants in children's programming as of 2003, Nickelodeon's Fairly OddParents makes its Xbox debut as a whimsical 3D platform game. Timmy Turner is a typical young boy who lives a typical life filled with school and friends. Things change, however, when he learns he has fairy godparents. The bumbling yet well-meaning Cosmo and Wanda use their magic wands to help Timmy through many situations. The video game version of the animated series begins with the godparents losing their powers, which can only mean one thing: the magical "Da Rules" spell book has been tampered with. Timmy, with the help of friends Vicky, A.J., and Chester, embarks on an epic quest to retrieve the missing pages from the book to restore his godparents' magic and make things normal again -- or at least back to where it was before the book was abducted.