Family Feud 2010 Edition (Wii)

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The popular family game show makes its Wii debut with this 2010 edition of Family Feud. Two five-member families team up and compete to answer one of 1,000 survey topics. To input your answers, move your cursor over a letter or number grid within a time limit; built-in spell-check, predictive text, and groupings by concept help you enter your answers faster. Guess one of the top responses from a survey of 100 people and you can continue or pass on the topic. But watch out--if you choose to continue and you fail to sweep the category, the rival family can steal your jackpot by guessing one of the remaining answers. After three rounds, the winning family advances to the "Fast Money Round," where two members attempt to answer five questions before time expires. Enjoy this fast-paced game as a single player or with a group for hours of good-natured family "feuding" and fun.