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Diehard fans of the sardonic animated sitcom may feel "lucky there's a Family Guy" game. Seven years after the show's debut on Fox and three years after its resurged popularity in Cartoon Network's "Adult Swim" line-up, the Griffons and their Quahog, Rhode Island associates come to PSP in this comedy action-adventure.

Gameplay involves combat, stealth, and puzzle-solving. Players can take the roles of Brian the dog, Stewie the baby, and Peter (the paternal "Family Guy"), in three distinct storylines. Brian needs to escape from his wrongful imprisonment, Stewie goes to war against his recurring nemesis Bertram, and Peter must save the world from '80s sitcom domestic Mr. Belvedere.

The game's humor is in the style of the television series, plying odd non-sequiturs and unexpected pop-culture references. Characters are voiced by the actors who portray them in the cartoon, including show creator Seth McFarlane as Peter, Stewie, and Brian.