Fantavision (Playstation 2)

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This fireworks-based puzzle title is notable for being the only title available from Sony on the PlayStation 2's launch date. In a manner similar to Missile Command, the goal is to select and detonate matched groups of flares. Using the analog stick to point from flare to flare, a player must link three or more similar flares and set them off in a chain of fireworks explosions. The bigger the chain, the higher your score.

Each level has a predetermined length and a set course, scrolling through cities, outer space, and unknown territories. With a limited amount of energy, players stay alive by detonating as many flares as possible, and by grabbing various power-ups as they appear onscreen. Collecting enough "star" power-ups releases a "Starmine" flare -- a sort of bonus round, rapid-fire succession of flares.

Upon successfully completing a level, you can watch a replay using various camera angles and add different lighting and weather effects. You can also store your best rounds on a memory card and show your fireworks displays off to your friends. Skilled players will be able to unlock a few extra options once they complete the regular game, including a Master Chain mode.

A two-player mode allows for head-to-head competition on a vertical split-screen. As a player battles for flares, he can use various power-ups to increase his share of the screen (thereby shrinking his opponent's side) or rotate his half of the screen to steal the other player's flares and items. The game continues until the first player detonates a set number of flares.