Feel the Magic XY XX (Nintendo DS)

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Product Information
Though based on a romantic storyline in which the ultimate goal is to win the heart of a beautiful young woman, this Nintendo DS launch title from Sega's Sonic Team is more of an action puzzle collection than a dating sim. In the role of a love-struck lad (and with the help of a professional troupe of bunny-eared performers), players vie for the fair maid's affections through a series of weird, quirky, fast-paced mini-games, not completely different from the collection found in WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! Unlike the one-button fun of Nintendo's GBA hit, however, the various mini-games in Feel the Magic are designed to make good use of the DS' different input and control options. Players will interact through the touch screen, and even blow into the microphone, to conquer quick challenges and progress in their amorous quest.