FIFA 08 Soccer (Wii)

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The FIFA series makes its Wii debut with a new gesture-based "FreeMotion" control scheme and exclusive play modes. Passes, shots, slide tackles, and trick moves are all performed by flicking the wrist in various directions with the Wii Remote as the Nunchuk is used to guide soccer players on the field. The default camera angle shows the pitch from an overhead, vertical perspective so players can more intuitively use the motion-sensitive controls to pass or shoot to the left, right, and forward.

FIFA Soccer 08 offers the Family Play option introduced in EA's previous sports games on Wii, where the computer AI handles all movement, allowing players to focus on shooting, defending, or passing with the Wii Remote. More advanced controls are taught in the interactive Soccer Academy, where more than 20 hands-on drills cover such topics as chip shots, corner kicks, dekes, and saves. Party games such as Table Soccer, Keep Up, and Shoot Off, are also included and support Mii characters for four-player fun outside of the professional matches